Video - Install Kali Linux Tools Using Katoolin

5 minutes
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Greetings and in this short video presentation we're going to see how we go about installing all the Kali Linux tools using a free utility called cape tool in K Toulon is a script that helps to install Kali Linux tools on our Linux distribution of choice, allowing us to use the penetration testing tools provided by the Kali Linux development team on our preferred Linux distribution. My galley installation has been updated and upgraded and I am logged on as root. So we are ready to begin the lab. To begin the lab I have copied and pasted the following command from the lab itself into the terminal of my family installation, This command will go out and it will fetch the actual in package which is a Python distribution, and it takes a little while for it to install. So to be patient, once the installation has completed, we have to change permissions that will Allow us to have access to Caitlin as the root user.

So I've gone ahead and I've typed in this command the change mod command. And this command is also available inside the lab, which will allow you to copy and paste it into the terminal. If you hit enter, it comes right back to the prompt, and you know that the command completed successfully. To launch the program, we just type in the word Katelyn into our terminal and we hit enter. That brings up the nice user friendly menu. And we are now ready to begin choosing the tools we wish to add to our installation of pally we can begin by adding the Cali repositories and update, you type in one, hit enter and tells you ask you what you want to do on this next screen.

If this is your first time running this utility, you may want to go ahead and remove all Kali Linux repositories. Now I'm not getting the warning anymore because I've already done All the updating, and I have taken out the existing Kali Linux repositories, there's only a couple of them. So I prepared properly and I followed the warnings, because they tell you that probably want to go ahead and remove all Kali Linux repositories before you proceed on. That will stop it from having a conflict. So to do that, you can just type in number three, return to a previous screen, we can just type in the word back, hit Enter, and it takes us back to our previous screen. If you would like to go back still further, you can keep on typing in the word back, you can type in five to view the help.

And as you can see, there's not much there but we got some context menu items to deal with such as if you want to go back type in back if you want to go home, type in that particular word go home, take you back to the main menu. We're now ready to view the categories and see what tools are available for us to install and to do this with you Type in the number two, we can hit Enter. And that brings up all the different categories. Note that there are 14 of them. Now you can just go ahead and install every tool for every category by typing in zero. For instance, if I wanted to install all the tools for information gathering, I would type in one, hit enter.

Now you'll see we have 57 tools that I can install, I can then type in zero just for this category, or I can do the back command and I can install all the tools for all 14 categories by typing in zero. So you have a number of different options. Now, here's the caveat. Not all these tools are going to be installed some of them are outdated are no longer supported, provided as repositories by the Cali distribution. So you're not going to get every tool but you will get a large number of the tools. For instance, if you type in number one, and you look at actually what's been installed when installed Done, it'll tell you how many were upgraded, how many were installed and how many were removed, but you will get some tools.

Now when you're all done installing your tools, you won't be able to see them in the default menu unless you expand the sub menus underneath each of the categories, such as this. So we go over here to applications. And let's say that underneath information gathering, I expand this. Now I'm using a wheel on my mouse. Watch as I scroll through the sub menus. So there's a lot of sub menus in here.

And this is where all these additional tools have been installed. So as you go through the different, for instance, the password attacks, you have all these different menus, and so you have all these additional tools that have been installed for you. That concludes this short video presentation on how we go about installing additional tools into our calorie distribution using a free Python utility called Kaitlyn In this short video presentation we saw how easy it was to install Kaitlyn and get access to the different categories and to see what additional tools that we could install for pentesting in our hacking. So if you have any questions or you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact your instructor and I will see you in my next video.

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