Video - Installing OpenVAS Using Docker

Ethical Hacking - A Hands-On Approach to Ethical Hacking Scanning for Vulnerabilities Using OpenVAS
9 minutes
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Greetings and initial video presentation, we're going to see how we go about installing open bass using a Docker container. So the first thing we're going to need to do is to update our Cali installation. I've gone ahead and type in app space, get space update, and I get this warning about an invalid signature. Well, we can fix that real easy. From the last file, I'm just going to right click and paste in the command. This is a W get command.

And it's going to go out and it's going to get a new updated key. Let's go ahead and see how this works. And it comes back and says, Okay, now we can run that update one more time. And this time, it should work. Once we've done the apt get update, we can go ahead and do the apt get upgrade. I'm gonna go ahead and hit Enter.

And in just a moment is going to come back and ask me Do I want to continue? I'll type in Y for yes, and I'll hit Enter. And once it's done upgrading, we'll come back and continue on With the lab, once we completed the update and the upgrade, we can now move on to creating a snapshot of our current configuration. To do this, we just go to a machine. And we just select from the context menu, take snapshot, give it a friendly name, and then just select OK. The option to take a snapshot is only available inside of the virtual box.

If you need to take a snapshot inside of the VMware, you need the workstation pro version, not the free player. To install Docker, we're going to use a script and we're going to build it using nano. So I've typed in nano space Docker underscore And that's the name of the file we're going to create. I hit Enter, I now have a blank text file. I'm now going to copy and paste the contents of this script from my lab file into this point text file.

I'm not going to save the contents This new sh file that we created by doing a Ctrl x. Then when it asked me if I want to say the changes, I will type in Y and I will hit enter. I need to next make this script executable. To do this I'm going to do the CH mod command space. The plus sign small letter X space Docker underscore When hit Enter, and it returns back to my prompt letting me know that that command completed successfully.

If we type in LS at our prompt, we can see everything that's available inside of our root directory. You'll see that I have a Docker underscore file that is colored green just means that it is an executable. I'm going to go ahead and type in sh space Docker underscore I'm gonna hit enter and now I'm going to run the script. So we've completed the installation very quickly using that script file. Now we're going to go ahead and check Installation of Docker to make sure that it is working correctly.

To check and see if our Docker installation is installed correctly we can use the following command. We can use the Docker space run space hello world command to check and see if it is properly working. And it comes back and let you know that from Docker it says hello from Docker. This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly. With our Docker program securely installed we're now ready to install Open bass as a container. In my prop I've typed in the following command Docker space run space dash small letter D space dash letter P space 443 colon 443 space dash dash name space open vast space.

Mike splane forward slash open bass. I'm going to go ahead and hit enter. Now this is a normal error message it says it can't find it locally. It looks locally first to see if you downloaded the container. But if it doesn't find it, it just goes out to the DR site or wherever this download is located and it pulls it down from there. And with that one command open vast is installed.

In this next part of the lab, we're going to see how we go about updating the NVT files that open Vash uses to scan your network for vulnerabilities. Now for us to update the NVT files. For open bass we have to be inside the open bass container. So I've typed in Docker space, exec space, dash it space open vast space bash. We'll go ahead and hit enter. In just a moment we'll have a different prompt.

Now I'm up inside of the root of my open vast using this terminal. We're next going to tell open bash to go ahead and connect and update and sync its NVT files with The green boon server, so I'm going to go ahead and hit Enter. And you'll see that it's going to go out into does delete some files, and it downloads others. The green bone server has a database of over 50,000 of these MDT files. And they get updated and replaced quite often. So from time to time, you will want to go ahead and update your MDT files for your installation of open das.

The next command we're going to use is the open vas MD or the service for open das. And we're going to type in open vast empty space dash dash rebuild space dash progress. Now this is going to take a little time, so do be patient with it. Now if you don't see nothing at the prompt, just be patient. I had to redo the command and add another dash to the last part of this command for progress. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit enter one more time.

Now again, as it rebuilds this NBT cache. It can take some time, but you just got to watch the prompt. From time to time you'll see that it does this little turning of a stick and after it gets done, it will come back to the prop but you have to be patient. This next command Greenbaum dash cert data dash sync, This command will update and sync the cert database. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit Enter. And in just a moment, it's going to come back to the prompt but until it does, do not interrupt it, I type in our next command which is green bone dash scan scat data dash sync.

I'm going to go ahead and hit Enter. And again you have to be patient and wait for the return of the root crop. We have another open bass MD command to run this time it's open bass MD space dash dash update space, dash dash verbose space dash dash Progress, I'm going to go ahead and hit Enter. And again, you're going to have to be patient and wait for this cash tip six next command is to restart the open vast manager. So I've typed in for slash UTC forward slash is it, period, the forward slash open vast dash manager space restart. This happened very quickly come back letting me know that the manager was restarted.

Now this next one that we have to run is pretty much the same command only it's the scanner. So I'm going to go ahead and back this off, and I'm going to type in scanner x like so. Now I'm going to run this command one more time. And again, it comes back letting me know that it restarted the scanner. Now that pretty much wraps up the installation using a Docker container for open vas pretty slick and you save a lot of Time this whole process probably took me just a little over 30 minutes. Even with the updating of cowling all, it was still a much easier process than trying to manually install and update open Vass.

If you're wondering, is there a container for nurses? Yes, there is. But it's very convoluted and ask because the good people at tenable security that make testers have not really came up with their own way of handling or working with containers yet. So the scripts and the updates and everything has to be changed all the time. So that makes it pretty variable. So that concludes this short video presentation on how we go about installing Avast using a Docker container.

In our next video, you're going to go ahead and use open fast to perform a scan of your network devices and I'll see you in my next Video

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