Video - Using anonsurf on Kali Linux to Stay Anonymous

Ethical Hacking - A Hands-On Approach to Ethical Hacking Anonymity - Remaining Anonymous While Hacking Online
8 minutes
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Greetings and in this short video presentation, we're going to see how we go about using an answer on Kali Linux to stay anonymous. And answer is a script made by the parrot sec team that completely anonymizes you with just one click of a button using Tor proxies, and on surf automatically routes all your traffic through Tor, including your DNS request to prevent DNS leaks. For this video demonstration, I'll be using one updated virtual install of Kali Linux, I'll have internet access, and I will be logged on as root. To begin this lab, we're going to open up a new terminal. And this is going to allow us to download a repository called an answer. The repository that we need to download is located up on the GitHub.

So go ahead and copy this command that you see up in the terminal from your lab and you can Begin to download. Once you have completed the download process, you can move on over to changing your directory to the location of an answer. So I'm going to go ahead and change directories here. And you'll see that we have now change the directory. And from here, we can do an ls to list of contents. And what we're interested in is the

So far, we've downloaded the package for the answer. And our next step was to change directory using the cd command. The package that we downloaded is actually called Cali dash and answer for slash. And once we've done that, we can go into the package itself to get ahold of this installer script that we need to run to actually install the program. So I'm now type in the command that I'm going to use to run the or the dot shell script that is up inside of the Cali dash answer download package. Alright, so once we've done that, we can go ahead and hit Enter, and the installation of the package will begin.

Now it only takes a few minutes, but give it some time because if there's any packages missing, it looks a lot to the internet to the proper Cali repository and grab those missing packages. Once the installation preying on surface completed go ahead and type in clear to get yourself a fresh terminal screen. And we can return to our root directory or our home directory just by typing in CD and hitting Enter. To view what switches are available or the switches we can use with an on serve. We can go ahead and type in an on search space dash dash help. This brings up the Help menu.

Go ahead and hit enter. You'll notice that this is actually a very intuitive project. You can see the commands To start on surface, just start, you can stop it with just the stop command, you can restart it with the restart command, you can change your identity using the change command, there's a status command we can use, you can show your current IP with a my IP, get to know these different switches and these different commands. And remember how you got them by using the answers, space dash dash help command. As you saw from using the help feature, we can start an answer just by giving it a space and following that up with the start switch. So I'm going to go ahead and hit enter.

Now make sure that you read everything that's on this screen, so that you understand what's going on. And on surf runs as a service on Cali. So we can check the status of this service just by using an on server space and then using the status switch. I'm gonna go ahead and say Enter. Now you'll see that we have a confirmation that and on surface running and it is active, close your existing terminal. And let's open up a fresh one.

And what we're going to do now is check our current IP address. To check our current identity or our current IP address, we can type in an on server space, my IP, go ahead and hit Enter, and wait just a moment and they'll come back up with your current identity or your current assigned IP address. And we don't know what country or what location our IP addresses from. To do this, we can open up a browser. So I'm going to go ahead to my quick launch. I'm going to open up Firefox, and we'll go out and we'll check to see where my IP addresses actually coming from.

Once Firefox has opened up, I've gone over to my search bar inside of my browser. And I've typed in check for DNS leaks. And I'm going to go down here, and I'm going to find and I'm going to use duck, duck go as you My preferred search engine going last that and in just a moment, we'll have our search results for checking for DNS. Now we're currently using the tour proxies, so it can be a little slow. My internet seems to be working in optimal speed, but it varies from location to location. Now once we have the search results returned to us, we can select the first one from the list, which is DNS leak test.

I'm going to click on that. After just a short pause, it comes up and it tells me that my IP address is coming from Denmark. If I scroll down the page just a little bit, you'll see that I have the option to run that standard DNS leak test. I'm going to go ahead and click on the standard test. And in just a moment, it's going to come back with some results. Now I've been shown one DNS server coming out of Austria.

Now you have to read this disclaimer about weather Not you have a DNS leak or not, depending on whether or not your DNS provider that is being used by the Tor network is actually saving and logging your actual private IP address. Now, some of them do, and some of them don't, the only way you're going to be able to find out is to research each and every privacy policy that you see for a DNS server. So the best way to change your identity using an answer is to go ahead and just restart the service. You could use the change switch, but I have found that for confirming or ensuring that your IP address or your identity does change, you're much better off just restarting an answer. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit Enter, and it runs right through the same process as a fresh start.

So I refreshed DuckDuckGo and I'm going to rerun that DNS leak test one more time, just a moment and see what kind of an IP address we get after the restart. So after the restart, I'm being shown as being located in the Ukraine. Again, you can do your standard test for DNS leaks. And let's see what we get this time. My leak test shows that I have two DNS servers that I can use ones in Germany and ones in the United States. And honestly, I wouldn't trust either of them not to be logging my actual host IP address.

So in summary, and on surface another tool we can use to help hide our real identity while surfing the internet. Using a different search engine such as can help reduce the tracks we leave on the internet when conducting searches DuckDuckGo stated does not log search activity of anyone using your website. That concludes this short video presentation on how we use an on SERP to hide our identity. While we're surfing the internet, so if you have any questions or you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact your instructor and I'll see you in my next video.

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