Movie Making 101

Learn how to make an independent film from start to finish.

Movie Making 101

Learn how to make an independent film from start to finish.
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About the Class

I am an independent filmmaker in Texas. Over the course of six years, so far I have made two feature-length films and currently in post-production on my third feature. I have utilized a process that I believe works in a step-by-step ebook guide that comes in this course. If you have ever wanted to make a movie but didn't know where to start, or if you have thought that making a movie is too expensive then this course is for you. I had less than two thousand dollars for my first film, which then got me 15k for my second film, and my latest film budget is 20k. You start small and as you build you will get more and more funding. Want to know how I started? I outline the process in this 47-page ebook. I wish I had this ebook when I first started as I could have avoided lots of troubles and pitfalls along the way, but the experience is the best teacher. Yet, I can save you some of the trouble if you want to learn my process and learn from my experience.

For reference purposes, you can view my first film to see that it was in fact distributed globally. Keep in mind it was my first film and didn't have a real budget behind it.


David Ford

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David Ford is an award winning actor and screenwriter from East Texas who has written, produced, and directed three feature films, two of which are in distribution and the third in the making.

Class Requirements

Just a willingness to commit to the craft of making your movie.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Pre-production Planning, Filmmaking, Marketing of Film, Movie Making
Age groups: 18-65 years
Duration: 49 minutes
1 Video
1 Document
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