Decoración Profesional con Globos

Aprende Todo Lo Que Necesitas Saber Para Realizar Fantásticos Arreglos Con Globos y Emprender Tu Propio Negocio.

Decoración Profesional con Globos

Aprende Todo Lo Que Necesitas Saber Para Realizar Fantásticos Arreglos Con Globos y Emprender Tu Propio Negocio.
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Sobre la clase

The Balloon Design and Decoration Professional Training course is designed so that you have a solid foundation, before starting your business related to balloon decoration.

Through this comprehensive program, learn techniques and skills to make and sell fantastic creations, so you can put all the resources you need to start your balloon business in your hands.

You can learn at your own pace, and repeat the lessons as many times as necessary, and above all, take notes of what I say so that you can then review them. You can also practice watching the videos. It is the best way to learn.

This course is aimed both for people who do not know absolutely anything about balloon decoration, as for those who have basic knowledge and want to improve them, and who also have time complications or commuting to attend a classroom course. You just have to follow my explanations and, in the end, we await the results you have always expected. 

Why is this Course different from other Balloon Decoration Courses?

  • BECAUSE you don't need previous experience:  Everyone can follow this simple method. You may not have a clue how to start or feel incapable, but I assure you that with this method you will learn EVERYTHING you need to start creating fantastic decorative elements and start your balloon business. Having no idea is not a problem. I didn't know anything about anything, I assure you, and look where it came from.
  • BECAUSE you can do it at your own pace and from home: Without commuting, without schedules, starting whenever you want and combining it with your schedules.
  • BECAUSE you have unlimited access: All the time you want to watch the videos and all the information of the course, review it whenever you want, and watch the videos again and again if you need to.
  • BECAUSE you have unlimited SUPPORT: You can (and should) ask me all your questions and tell me about any difficulties you may encounter. You will have a totally personalized treatment, better than in any face-to-face course in a group and, of course, better than any online course in which the videos are sent to you and ignored. I will take you by the hand to achieve the results you are looking for.
  • BECAUSE it is a COMPLETE course: Most courses teach some modules and you have to sign up for several to complete your knowledge.
  • BECAUSE I give you a complete list of the main balloon providers in Europe and Latin America: Do not worry if you do not know where or how to get the balloons and the other materials and tools that you will see in the course. I will give you a list of suppliers by countries of online stores and physical stores.


Encarny Castro Quintero

Professional Balloon Artist-CBA
Encarny Castro Balloon Artist, Directora en Super Globos Nací en Caracas, Venezuela el 18 de Agosto del año en que el primer hombre pisó la luna, así que ¡ya sabes que edad tengo!. Soy hija de padres Andaluces, madre de dos maravillosos hijos y esposa de un gran hombre. Actualmente resido en Alicante (España) desde hace 14 años. Como hobby...



You will need a computer with an internet connection.

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Qué está incluido

Idioma: español
Nivel: Principiante
Habilidades: Manejo e inflado de globos, Atado y encintado de globos, Aprender a fijar precios para obtener beneficios, Fórmulas para crear arcos y guirnaldas, Ténicas de globoflexia, Realizar Fantasy Clouds, Realizar chupetes de globos, Realizar arcos String of Pearl, Realizar contrapesos y anclajes para arreglos, Uso del helio, Inflar globos especiales Bubble, Marketing para vender arreglos de globos., Creación de bouquets de globos, Realizar topiarios de globos, Realizar columnas de globos con base y sin base
Grupos de edad: Todas las edades
Duración: 3 horas 26 minutos
12 Videos
10 Documentos

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